MOE Major Units

The major units of the ministry are defined in Executive Order 268 (later incorporated into Executive Order 381).

The Ministry of Education shall be responsible for managing, operating, and promoting the public elementary and secondary school system and implementing educational curricula and standards at every public school, and related matters. See 'Performance Areas' for more info.

The Bureau of Education Administration shall be responsible for program planning and administrative services.

The Division of Personnel Management shall administer and implement the Public Service System Act and related personnel policies and regulations.

The Division of School Management shall manage the public schools, administer non-public school charters, and manage public libraries.

The Division of Research and Evaluation shall conduct needed research and evaluation and monitor the progress of the MOE’s goals and objectives.

The Bureau of Curriculum and Instruction shall be responsible for effective and efficient methods and strategies that enhance school curricula and instruction.

The Division of Curriculum and Instructional Materials Development shall acquire/develop appropriate curricula and instructional materials and appropriate curriculum assessments.

The Division of Instructional Implementation and Teacher Training shall provide teacher training, implement established public school curricula and instructional programs, recommend minimum qualifications and requirements for public school teachers, administer assessments and develop performance standards for students and teachers in the public schools.