MOE Other Units

The other units of the ministry are not defined expressly defined in policy but do exist in practice. Some can be linked to specific legislation.

Special Education Program
The Special Education Program started life as a U.S. federally funded program to address the needs of children with disabilities. In 19__, RPPL 3-9 mandated the provision of educational services to disabled children. The MOE then established the program as an official unit of the MOE. The Special Education Program is currently a unit under the Bureau of Curriculum and Instruction. The program is headed by a Program Coordinator, has __ staff, main office on a separate campus, and teachers assigned to various schools where the children are located.
Food Service Program
PNC 22ยง___ allows the government to provide student lunch. School lunch has been provided to children in the schools since the 1960's. The current food service program is an adoption of the former U.S. federally funded program which provided student lunch (and in some years, breakfast), from the 1980's to 1994. In 1994 at the sunset of federal funding, the program was adopted and absorbed by local funding. The program attempts to provide nutritious meals to public school students during school instructional days. The rationale for student lunch is to reduce instructional disruption by enabling students to have lunch at school and continue with their studies until 2:30 pm.
Palau Public Library
In ____, RPPL ___ established the Public Library, In ____, RPPL ___ placed the public library under the MOE. It is currently under the Division of School Management and headed by a Librarian with 1 staff.
Facilities Maintenance
In 1999, the then Chief of School Management attempted to established a position dedicated to school maintenance. Since then this position has transitioned into a maintenance unit to maintain the over 400,000 square feet of building infrastructure that the MOE has. It currently has one Facilities Services Manager and four maintenance staff. It is assisted by eight maintenance/janitorial staff at some school sites. The unit primarily deals with on the ground maintenance based on orders from higher level management.
Material Production
Information Technology
In 1999 at the sunset of various U.S. federal grants that supported the technology initiatives of the ministry, a computer system manager position was established to maintain the existing technology inventory that came from the initiatives. This effort was supplemented by Multimedia Assisted Instruction Lab Managers at each school site. Since then, the position has been transformed into a unit responsible for maintaining all of the MOE's technology inventory and infrastructure. In recent years, the unit has managed and implemented the technical aspects of various technology initiatives undertaken by MOE management.