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The Technology Consulting in a Global Community (TCinGC) program is not an intiative per se. Rather, it is a mechanism which the MOE uses to pursue technology based solutions to various issues within the organization. That is, the TCinGC is a vehicle which the MOE uses to create and pursue initiatives.

The TCinGC program facilitates partnerships between CMU students and local organizations on projects in which the student can use their skills to develop meaningful and sustainable solutions to meet local needs. More information is available at the TCinGC About Page. The Palau projects began with initial talks in 2004 between Edwel Ongrung (MOE) and Dr. Joseph Mertz (CMU) which started the partnership with the first TCinGC project in 2005. Dr. Julia Poepping joined the CMU side for the 2019 project and has been hard at work since.

Dr. Mertz, CMU
Dr. Poepping, CMU
Mr. Ongrung, MOE

Summer 2021

Due to COVID, this is done remotely, with two projects undertaken by Ms. Meghna Chhabra in Pittsburgh and Ms. Yaxuan Li in Beizing, and cultural exercises led by Ms. Adiva Dutta and Ms. Taylor Napierkowsky.

Meghna Ms. Meghna Chhabra's project will migrate the MOE's web based services to the cloud. Ms. Yaxuan (Rebecca) Li's project will automate the MOE's PERA analysis and reporting process. Yaxuan

Summer 2020

Due to COVID, a new approach was undertaken, to have students work on projects remotely, and to run a cultural component to ensure that the students acquire a sense of the local culture. Ms. Caitlyn Low and Ms. Vrinda Gupta worked on the projects, and the cultural exercises were led by Ms. Angie Jolicoeur and Ms. Rachael Johnson from CMU, and Ms. Delina Kebekol, Mr. Jay Watanabe, Ms. Linda Ngotal, and Ms. Pillar Ngiraswei from MOE. Being the first time it was tried, a lot of people were involved in getting it running including Dr. Stephan Caspar, Dr. Sebastien Dubreil, Ms. Deborah Blank, Ms. Brandi Wilson, and Others.

Caitlyn Ms. Caitlyn Low's project will set up a system that modernizes the DRE's data gathering, analysis, and reporting process. As a first for the MOE, the system should be very low cost, easy (relatively) to set up, and custom fitted to DRE's processes. Ms. Vrinda Gupta's project will develop a Student Information and Management System for the MOE's schools. This system will replace the existing elementary school app, be able to replace the Palau High School app, provide more value to teachers and shcool staff. Vrinda

Summer 2019

Ms. Jeevika Ghosh and Mr. Pavan Gollapalli were on site for ten weeks working together to formalize last year's feasibility demonstration by replacing the paper based requisitioning system with a Ruby on Rails app that fully aligns with the MOE's requisitioning, receiving, distribution, and inventory processes and that can be dropped in with the least disruption for MOE administrative staff.

Jeevika Ms. Gosh was the front end developer, working on the interface, the user interactions and user trainings. Mr. Gollapalli was the project lead, building the application stack and managing the project. Pavan

Summer 2018

Ms. Ameeshi Goel was on site for ten weeks primarily to work on a project to initiate the replacement of the paper based requisitioning system with a digital one. She also trained local techs to review a prior Ruby on Rails application that and started off the locals on using Ruby on Rails.

Jeevika Ms. Ameeshi Goel's project will set up a web based tool that MOE administrative staff can use to digitally generate requisition forms that replaces the paper based ones. Consequently, the data entered into the requisitioning form will be captured and stored in a database. The next team will use the data and feedback after one year's use of this system to build a full featured requisitioning app for the MOE.

More to Come

2017, 2016, 2014, 2013, 2007, and 2005 projects will be brought here shortly.