TCinGC 2021

What We Do

The TCinGC program facilitates partnerships between Carnegie Mellon University students and local organizations on projects in which the student can use their skills to develop meaningful and sustainable solutions to meet local needs. More information is available at the TCinGC About Page.

The Ministry of Education has been partnering with Carnegie Mellon University students on local projects since 2005.

Two CMU students joined two MOE staff to form this year's team to address priority areas of the MOE.

Ms. Meghna Chhabra is the developer for this project and will be working remotely. Ms. Chhabra is starting graduate studies at Carnegie Mellon University. She is originally from India. Her interest is in IT Project Management and Software development. She is going for a master’s degree in Information Systems Management. She is looking forward to visit Palau and learn more about it’s culture. Ms. Chhabra's Resume.

Ms. Chhabra will be migrating the MOE's web sites and web based tools to the cloud.
Ms. Yaxuan (Rebecca) Li is the developer for this project. Ms. Li is a rising junior at Carnegie Mellon University majoring in Information Systems and a minor in Business Analytics and Optimization and Human Computer Interaction. She is from Beijing, China and loves traveling around the world. She is able to speak four different languages, including Mandarin, English, Japanese, and French. She is interested in developing innovative ideas and talking with creative intellectuals. Ms. Li's Resume.

Ms. Li will build automation tools to improve the efficiency of the Division of Research and Evaluation's Palau English Reading Assessment process.
Mr. Keizy U. Shiro is the local counterpart to Ms. Li on her project. Mr. Shiro is originally from the beautiful state of Ngaraard, situated to the north-east of Babeldaob Island in the Republic of Palau. Mr. Shiro has over 18 years of professional work experience, which began with his employment career with Palau High School as a classroom teacher in 2000. He last served as Palau High School Registrar from 2004 to 2007. Mr. Shiro is currently working as the Testing Coordinator at the Division of Research and Evaluation within Palau’s Ministry of Education.
Mr. Edwel Ongrung is a retired MOE Administrative Services Manager who is seeing this years' TCinGC projects through as the MOE's project supervisor. Mr. Ongrung is the local counterpart to Ms. Chhabra on her project.

This year, three other students are helping other local agencies.

Brittany Pruitt is working with Jarae Teltull and Paul Wong for the Social Security Administration.

Laknath Gunathilake is working with CJ Shiro for the FIU.

Curtis Lee is working with Lolita Gibbons for the PCICRC.

Adiva Dutta and Taylor Napierkowski are running this year's cultural exchange for TCinGC participants. The program is run and managed by CMU professors Joe Mertz and Julia Poepping.

Adiva Dutta

Taylor Napierkowski

Dr. Julia Poepping

Dr. Joseph Mertz